At Timbrook Automotive we have locations in Cumberland, Keyser, Oakland, Winchester, Altoona, and Elkins where you can purchase a new or used car, truck, SUV, or ATV, get it serviced or just pick up some parts. But at Timbrook, our team understands that it's so much more than just selling cars, service and parts because every sale that we make today gives us the opportunity to help change someone's life tomorrow. When you buy from Timbrook you participate in that too, so thank you for giving us the opportunity not just to do business but to change lives locally and around the world.
GOD: Every asset that has been entrusted to us ultimately belongs to God. We will honor Him by managing all resources to the best of our ability.

EMPLOYEES: The members on our team are our single greatest asset. We will maintain a fun, friendly and family-oriented environment that provides the opportunity for each individual to advance to their level of desired success.

CUSTOMERS: Our customers truly make it possible for us to be in business. We will earn their trust and loyalty by providing them with a professional, transparent and value-driven purchase and service experience.

OWNERS: The owners have invested a significant amount of capital in inventories, equipment and facilities. We will operate the business in a manner that sustains growth and provides a reasonable return on their investment.  

COMMUNITY: Our community is the area that we work in, worship in and raise our families in. We will be good neighbors and maintain a presence in our community by being active in civic organizations, contributing to meaningful charities and supporting local businesses.
INTEGRITY: Being a person of integrity is simply doing the right thing in every situation. You exhibit integrity in your job when you live out sound moral and ethical principles; especially when no one is watching.

SAFETY: It is the responsibility of each individual to make every effort to ensure the wellbeing of our team members and our customers and to maintain a constant awareness of any real or potential safety hazards.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Everyone will eventually make a mistake and when you do; own up to it. Accept personal responsibility for your decisions and actions and work objectively to resolve any resulting issues quickly.

RESPECT: Showing consideration for the individuality of your fellow team members helps create a kinder, friendlier work environment and an atmosphere where new ideas, trust and teamwork are valued.

EXCELLENCE: Having a spirit of excellence is something to enthusiastically strive for in everything you do. It is a combination of doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well, taking pride in your work, having a can-do attitude and going the extra mile.